Steve Ottersberg, M.S. (A.B.D.): Owner and Supervisory Analyst

Steve graduated from Fort Lewis College with a B.S. in biochemistry. In graduate school, he thrived as part of a synthetic organic chemistry group dedicated to designing novel chemotherapeutic agents. Steve’s passion for teaching both organic chemistry and nutritional-biochemistry at ASU, led to a faculty position teaching chemistry at Fort Lewis College. As a chemist, Steve’s two-plus decades of experience covers a broad range of fields, including pharmaceutical R&D, pharmaceutical sales, entrepreneurial endeavors, and industrial analytical laboratory management. As a member of both AOAC International and the American Chemical Society, Steve remains at the forefront of current analytical method development and defined standards for food analyses by the FDA and USDA. Steve is enthusiastically motivated to drive the acceptance of cannabinoid chemistry within the world of professional chemists and destigmatize the marijuana industry as a whole.

Marc L Masor, Ph.D.: Lab Director

Marc received a Ph.D. in nutritional biochemistry from Colorado State University. Marc spent 16 years as Director of Clinical Nutrition Research at Abbott Nutrition, where he led various research projects in infant nutrition; an industry tightly regulated by the FDA. In addition to being an inventor on ten patents covering Similac® infant formulas, Marc led research for the reformulation of Similac and directed nutrient analyses of human breast milk and a variety of infant formulas. After retiring from Abbott, he taught chemistry and biology at Durango High School for 5 years. Since then, he has worked as a consultant, and primarily as a speaker describing the scientific research behind infant formula. As a professional speaker, Marc has addressed physicians, nurses, dietitians, and regulatory agencies at conferences across the US and in 30 different countries.  

Kevin Cavanaugh, M.S.: Chemistry and Microbiology Analyst

Another alumnus of Fort Lewis College (B.S. in cellular and molecular biology), Kevin received an M.S. in biochemistry from Colorado State University in 2014. There he worked as a biochemical kineticist, defining the atomic-level interactions responsible for dictating viral polymerase kinetics. He was instrumental in setting up single molecule microscopy analyses of viral polymerases, and helped configure a liquid chromatography system for hydrogen-deuterium exchange mass spectrometry. Kevin has taught general chemistry, general chemistry labs, and organic chemistry labs at Fort Lewis College, giving him a strong academic background in both chemical analyses and molecular genetics. Kevin has played an essential role in helping refine our methods throughout the validation process, and looks forward to providing clients with consistent and reliable analytical results.

Max LaPrade, B.A.: Business Director

Holding a B.A. in Business Economics, Max leads the business operations of Green Lab Solutions Company.  Max utilizes his in-depth knowledge of the scientific procedures of the lab to create a successful business model.  With years of experience in customer service, Max ensures that the team at Green Lab Solutions Company will create the solutions that our clients need.

Casey Nichols, B.A.: Director of Sales and Marketing

Casey graduated magna cum laude with a B.A. in Business Administration from Fort Lewis College, and is the driving force behind the GLSC marketing and sales team. His years of experience in business and customer relations couples well with a strong academic background in science and herbology. This distinctive combination allows Casey to bridge the gap between science and business. Casey has played an integral role in many entrepreneurial endeavors across multiple industries, and is excited to bring his skills and knowledge to the MMJ industry.

Cortney Cook, B.S.: Lab Technician

Cortney received a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Fort Lewis College in 2016. Her work has been critical throughout the validation process for both cannabinoid potency and microbiological method development. She has co-written many GLSC Standard Operating Procedures, both Quality and Employee Training Manuals, and helped develop our Competency Assessment Program. As a result, Cortney is proficient in and knowledgeable of all GLSC core operating procedures. Cortney is excited to further apply her managerial skills in order to ensure efficient and effective GLSC operations.